Omar, Best Deal Home Improvement15+ years ago, Omar, Best Deal Home Improvement LLC founder and owner, used to work for a big firm that remodeled luxury hotel bathrooms around the country. After years traveling state to state, he started asking himself: “why don’t we have bathrooms like these in our homes?” and “why do regular people have to have standard bathrooms in their homes?” So, after talking with family and friends about it, he began remodeling their bathrooms. They were totally in love. With their full satisfaction and the comments of how happy they felt every single day feeling like they had been in a luxury hotel in their own homes, Best Deal Home Improvement LLC was born in 2012. A family owned business focused on achieving full customer satisfaction in the services we offer.

Omar, as the head of the business, in all those 15+ years has gotten the experience, training, and knowledge needed to offer the best service. Omar is an MHIC Licensed Contractor, a plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, waterproofing systems professional, and has experience solving structural issues. Best Deal Home Improvement works with a fully trained and qualified team with the goal of always having a fully satisfied customer. For us, a customer is part of our family business. That is why we do our best… and this is what we love to do.